Exterior Paint

Our skilled painters apply beautiful and even coats of paint to all surfaces.

Exterior Paint

Getting a touch up on the outside of your property will add curb appearance and add protection from inclement weather. Exterior painting contractors concentrate on patching and caulking. Caulking is typically used to seal cracks and it is used around the windows and the doors. Wood patch is used on items like doors and on wood trim. Once it has been applied and has been given time to dry, it is sanded smooth. We request that any sprinklers to be turned off during this process. Providing cover and protection for plants, walk ways, windows and outdoor furniture will guarantee a clean finish. If you need any carpentry such as installing new exterior trim, or interior trim including: crown molding, chair molding, baseboards, windows, doors, doors frames we are perfect for the job. Our crew consists of skilled craftsmen who recognize the greater points of proper preparation and repairs and will handle your home with the best care.

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